About Us

We believe everyone has a story to tell. Our reason for being is to support people in presenting their stories in the best way possible through the most appropriate channels – whether it’s traditional media or digital platforms.

We see ourselves as enablers of communication. We are committed to sharing clients’ stories and reaching their audiences with tenacity, exceptional standards, responsiveness, integrity and trust.

Based in Queenstown and Wanaka, New Zealand, Scope Media is a full-service communications agency. We’re skilled professionals who know and understand how media operates. We’re old enough to have years of experience in journalism and PR, yet young enough to understand the changing tech world and social media. As a result, we have an enviable list of national and international media networks and handle digital media like natives. We provide communications services that support business objectives – tailored to the sweet spot where audience meets story.

Scope Media is a member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.


Celia is an award-winning journalist who has worked and edited for major print and broadcast media in New Zealand and magazines in the United Kingdom. She has worked in public relations in both NZ and London. She also specialises in communications strategy, social media and digital strategy, copywriting for SEO, and knows how to get the right message in front of the right people.



Alexa is widely known as the best public relations and crisis management professional in the Southern Lakes. Alexa is qualified in applying frameworks for strategic sustainable development and is a specialist in strategic planning through to tactical delivery. She is also renowned for work in media training.



An accomplished writer and editor, Rebecca has worked for NZ’s top-selling magazines and publications, and honed her PR communications skills in Melbourne. She brings extensive insider knowledge of NZ and international media, knows how to craft compelling copy, and can get your story or organisation noticed.



Grace is specialised in Digital Media strategy and activation, gaining experience both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She has worked for a number of globally- and nationally-recognised brands, with a proven track record of reaching and engaging valued audiences online.


Zoe has a wealth of experience in the advertising industry, working on brands like Burger King, Jaguar and Arnott’s to local charity clients and has produced everything from a short film with Steve Hansen to social media posts for Land Rover. Zoe has a passion for helping local brands discover what makes them unique and finding new and interesting ways to tell that story to their audience.


We’re connected to the best photographers, videographers, graphic designers, web developers and freelance writers in the Southern Lakes, so if you need any extra services in our neck of the woods, just give us a call.


Tracey has worked with companies in New Zealand, Canada and Europe to help them design and execute social media and digital strategies. She is a pro in digital advertising, online competitions, social marketing, hands-on social media management and delivering consistent ROI. She provides creative ideas for online advertising and knows how to get the best results.